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28 11, 2015

Men in Pain

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Remember the scene from that good old action  movie? The hero is bruised but unbowed. He is drenched in  blood, bullet wounds the size of craters erupt all over his body, at least one limb is broken and he can barely drag himself across the rocky cliffs/ narrow back alley / villain’s den. Yet, before you […]

28 11, 2015

Love and Literature

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It is Valentine’s Day once again. Couples will once again be beguiled into newer and more effusive […]

26 11, 2015


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When I stand  on top of this heap of  gravel which makes a small hill at the side of the road  and close my eyes, I can almost feel that I am in the sky.  The balloons I hold in my hands are my wings. They pull me up, up into the clouds, soft white […]

7 11, 2015

Keep the Change Excerpt: Chapter 1

By |November 7th, 2015|Travel|0 Comments

Dear Victoria,

This morning, an elephant fell on my head and I had an attack of temporary amnesia for almost two minutes. I was completely disoriented, didn’t know who I was and where I was. A whole world of possibilities opened up. In those two dizzying minutes, I thought I could be anybody – a best […]

7 11, 2015

Intermission Excerpt: The Independence Day Party

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THE RESIDENTS OF Trafalgar Towers usually celebrate Independence Day on the morning of 15 August with a flag-hoisting ceremony in the lawns, followed by the singing of patriotic songs. The flag is hoisted by the senior-most resident, an elderly gentleman of ninety-two, who wheezes his way through a brief Independence Day speech exhorting the residents […]

20 10, 2015

Living with Lifts

By |October 20th, 2015|The Gurgaon Columns|0 Comments

It is a universally acknowledged fact that when a significant portion of the population lives in and around high rise buildings, a significant portion of their lives is spent in and around elevators. This leads to significant social behavior modification as people have to adapt to the contraption that carries them to new heights .Over […]

20 10, 2015

‘In Conversation’ Reading Hour Interview

By |October 20th, 2015|Intermission|0 Comments

In Conversation with:
Amitabha Bagchi, author of Above Average lives in Delhi with his writer-wife and son. He teaches at IIT Delhi, and recently launched a second book in the market: The Householder.

Nirupama Subramanian, author of the bestseller Keep the Change lives in Gurgaon and works as a performance consultant, facilitator and coach. Her second novel […]

30 09, 2015

Why we love to hate the Lady Mukerjea

By |September 30th, 2015|Women at Work|0 Comments

Indrani Mukherjea is doomed. Even before any tangible evidence comes to light, even before a court hearing, before she makes any kind of statement, she has already been judged. The case has been a bonanza for the TRP hungry news channels. The story has captured the attention and imagination of a nation. How can a […]

11 08, 2015

Can I have it all?

By |August 11th, 2015|Women at Work|0 Comments

A talk with Anuranjita Kumar, author and Head of Human Resources in Citibank

Can I have it all? This is a question that every woman contemplating a career invariably asks herself. Is it really possible to rise to the top of my field, bring up intelligent ,well behaved children, maintain a loving relationship with my spouse […]

11 06, 2015

New hope for the neighbourhood

By |June 11th, 2015|Dhaka Tribune|0 Comments

Dhaka through fresh eyes

It has been almost a year since I first arrived in Dhaka. I came here, a little apprehensive, unsure as to whether I would make it my home here for the next few years. New India is unabashedly pursuing wealth and prosperity. I was leaving behind the steel and glass structures of […]