A nation does not have a single story

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There is a saying among people, especially expatriates, who come to Dhaka-“You cry when you land and you cry when you leave.” When I moved to Dhaka in 2014 in the wake of my husband’s job, dragging our reluctant daughter, I was dry eyed but dubious. Bangladesh, […]

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Women need to step forward

Senator Madeline Albright , while introducing Hilary Clinton as the Democratic Presidential candidate said,” There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women”. We all believe that women should and would support other women.

However, we have few role models or stories to bolster this idea. The stories we tell create […]

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Guilt- The mother of all emotions

“I sent my eight month old baby to day care and went back to work,’ confessed a young mother during a workshop. Her eyes became moist   and she flinched as though she expected the other women to  pelt her with stones, each heavy with the  words ‘ Bad Mother’.

“Why don’t fathers feel any guilt leaving […]

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A border runs through it

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How to Eat,Pray and Live in Amritsar

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Does it really matter if the woman earns more

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Ok, I confess. I recently  read Chetan Bhagat’s One Indian Girl. I decided to check out the book after hearing that the author had delved deep into the psyche of the Indian girl and claimed to represent the reality of the Indian women. In the book, the Indian girl’s first […]

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Sexual harassment at the workplace

Some thoughts on sexual harassment along with other panelists at the Women Writers Festival in Delhi-February 2017

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Do we really need a separate leadership program for women?

I  have always had mixed feelings about this whole ‘Women Leadership’ idea. A leader is a leader, I thought. Why should gender enter the picture? Surely, we look for general leadership qualities in a person and anyone who has those should be the right person for the job, whether it is in a corporate or […]

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A wish for all homemakers


Mira Rajput, who few people, including me, had heard of is suddenly in the news for her  comments about her life choices and especially the statement referring to her role as a mother, “I wouldn’t want to spend one hour a day with her and rush off to work. She  is not a puppy, I […]

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The forgotten French colony of Chandernagore

I had heard bits and pieces about Chandernagore over the years. It was one of the first outposts of India’s colonial past, a French colony rather like Puducherry. The taxi driver we hired for the day from Kolkata stared blankly when we told him our destination. When realization dawned he said: “Oh…Chandonnogar. But there is […]

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