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28 05, 2018

A nation does not have a single story

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There is a saying among people, especially expatriates, who come to Dhaka-“You cry when you land and you cry when you leave.” When I moved to Dhaka in 2014 in the wake of my husband’s job, dragging our reluctant daughter, I was dry eyed but dubious. Bangladesh, […]

11 06, 2015

New hope for the neighbourhood

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Dhaka through fresh eyes

It has been almost a year since I first arrived in Dhaka. I came here, a little apprehensive, unsure as to whether I would make it my home here for the next few years. New India is unabashedly pursuing wealth and prosperity. I was leaving behind the steel and glass structures of […]

9 04, 2015

Wellness: A walk in the park

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Enjoying a morning walk and the many benefits of making it a regular habit

A mellow sun, cool breeze carrying the smell of rain, a drop of water rolling off a glossy leaf, a secret bowl of shimmering water reflecting the orange arc of a bridge, a bed of tall hollyhocks nodding their pink heads alongside […]

21 02, 2015

Bangla is love

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During one of my first trips to Dhaka, the officer at Foreigners Registration Counter at the airport asked me if I knew Bangla.

“Olpo olpo,” I confessed. “Ami beshi Bangla bujhina,” I clarified, so that he would not test my ability. He seemed quite pleased with my effort and decided to continue the conversation.

There is a […]

29 01, 2015

Rediscovering Home

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Home is where the heart is…

Winter is the season for migrations, the time when immigrants and expatriates head to a place they call home. I have been living in Dhaka for almost six months. The past few months have been spent in settling down and getting used to the place. I have lived in many […]

5 12, 2014

Strictly Personal: A chat with Daman Singh

By |December 5th, 2014|Dhaka Tribune|0 Comments

When I read that Daman Singh, daughter of the former prime minister of India and author of ‘Strictly Personal: Manmohan & Gursharan,’ would be coming to the Hay festival at Dhaka, I was curious to know more about the process of writing such a book. We sat down at a quiet corner on the steps […]