27 04, 2016

Reunion- short story in Cosmopolitan

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4 01, 2016

Dhaka Lit Fest:Personifying dissent in a world of terror

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Dhaka Lit Fest: Personifying dissent in a world of terror

Nirupama Subramanian, Hindustan Times, 20th December 2015


Poet Arvind Krishna Mehrotra and writer Amit Chaudhuri at the Dhaka literature festival (right). (Rajesh Ramakrishnan/HT Photo)

On November 18, a day before the Dhaka Lit Fest, the Jamaat-e-Islami called for a countrywide hartal protesting a Supreme Court verdict that upheld […]

28 11, 2015

Men in Pain

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Remember the scene from that good old action  movie? The hero is bruised but unbowed. He is drenched in  blood, bullet wounds the size of craters erupt all over his body, at least one limb is broken and he can barely drag himself across the rocky cliffs/ narrow back alley / villain’s den. Yet, before you […]

28 11, 2015

Love and Literature

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It is Valentine’s Day once again. Couples will once again be beguiled into newer and more effusive […]

26 11, 2015


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When I stand  on top of this heap of  gravel which makes a small hill at the side of the road  and close my eyes, I can almost feel that I am in the sky.  The balloons I hold in my hands are my wings. They pull me up, up into the clouds, soft white […]

20 06, 2008

Thhat which is not Sobhraj’s biography

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Published in The Book Review
Who is Johnson Thhat ? And how has he managed to escape justice for so long, even when in jail? reads the intriguing blurb on the back of Farrukh Dhondy’s The Bikini Murders. The title itself hints at a potent combination of sex and violence, reinforced by a lurid picture of […]

20 06, 2008

The Essay is dead. Long Live the Essay.

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Winner of the Third Prize in the 2008 Kala Ghoda Literary Festival Flash Essay Competition
There are rumors that the essay, that has languished for long on the deathbed of outmoded literary genres, has finally succumbed to the capricious demands of the twenty first century reader. The essay has always lagged behind its cousins- the short […]

20 06, 2007

A child is born

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Winner of a Highly Commended Prize in the 2006-2007 Commonwealth Short Story Competition
It was a hot dull night in May. The air was heavy as a blanket and moonless sky loomed like a cobra’s hood over the small mud hut. A man crouched outside the hut, his hands clasped around bony knees, forming an ungainly […]