“Nirupama and I have been on the journey of equipping and inspiring leaders for over 15 years. It has been an honor to work with her and learn from her successes. During the years we have trained and coached leaders together, she has repeatedly demonstrated the ability, skill and attitude to be a servant leader to grow others. Because she is always teachable, Nirupama has translated her learning into a passion to effectively coach and train aspiring young people to ‘lift their leadership lids.’  Two qualities that are uniquely ‘Nirupama’ are her high emotional intelligence combined with her wonderful creativity. This synergy allows her to coach leaders in a way that brings out their best not just be more successful, but focus them to be unique leaders of significance. How blessed I am to be her friend, her colleague and her student in our journey of life. She truly is a gem. I am positive she will continue to be a multiplier of significance in leaders lives.”

Michael Griffin  CEO, AchieveGlobal India and ELAvate Asia

“Nirupama has been one of our most preferred trainers for senior leadership training. One of the key interventions delivered by her  was on “Communicating Presence”, which was a comprehensive package with an element of one on one coaching. Her commendable business connect and communication ability helps in converting powerful concepts and insights into simple learning inputs. She is a valued partner who not just keep the participants engaged in the session but more importantly gives them ability to transfer the learning into visible impact”

Hemalakshmi Raju, Tata Motors Academy

Nirupama, thank you so much for the best training ever received in my entire career in terms of learning-am taking a few things out of the training that can be practically implemented. Really appreciate the way and the flow of the training process that never allowed any of us to feel bored through the entire training session.

Dhanesh Badlani, Vice President,Axis Bank

Participant in ELAvate Global Leadership Program-January 2016

“I was very reluctant when my supervisor suggested coaching as an intervention for some areas of development. However today I believe that those sessions have helped me discover myself in a very different way. Nirupama as a coach helped me identify my core values that define my identity and through some very probing questions took me through a journey which was enriching and an eye-opener. As a coach, Nirupama has access to and mastery over various tools and techniques but she always ensured that I was not lost or confused in the jargon or science. Through these tools, she helped me see linkages between various wish-lists and wants and identify real obstacles or “hold” on self. Thanks to her, today I am lot more confident in dealing with various scenarios at office and in a positive frame of mind. In my experience to get maximum impact from coaching just – “Have Faith and Start the Journey along with Your Coach”

Saransh Agarwal, AVP, Cognizant 

“I have taken several coaching sessions with Nirupama for leadership development over two years. I have been thoroughly happy with her, and the methods she follows. She has been immensely helpful in getting me to evaluate myself, in setting goals and vision, and in identifying & overcoming several weaknesses. Nirupama makes it very easy to share and discuss matters. She is never judgemental, nor does she ever show her opinion on any matter, thus making it easy to have a holistic guidance on the path forward. Working with her is extremely fulfilling, and I would recommend her to everyone.”

– Bharati Nadkarni,  General Manager, IP Cell. Sun Pharma

When I began this mentorship program which is the first mentorship program I had ever attempted, I was not sure what to expect but I was in a place where I knew that I needed guidance and a professional voice to listen to the challenges that I was facing as a new business owner. Initially I wanted business guidance but what I got was so much more than that I and would recommend not only the Cherie Blair Mentorship program but Nirupama as a mentor.

Nirupama and I connected instantly and I am very grateful for the wisdom and guidance that I have received over the year. Every goal and milestone discussed with Nirupama was implemented and achieved but by far the biggest reward for me was the personal growth that I underwent this year through the skype sessions we had on a regular basis. I realized that the mentorship of business owners is key for self-development and business growth because most of the time it is the inexperience and insecurity that stands in your way on your pathway to achieving all your goals.
Thank you for also helping me to realize what my own personal area of expertise is and what I would like to work towards and for this I will always be grateful. From a professional perspective Nirupama has an excellent knowledge of various aspects of business and she is amazing at the analysis of one’s business and unlocking the hidden potential of one’s self and one’s business. Truly an amazing mentor that I would recommend to other small business owners and corporate companies to mentor Management in a similar way.

Hesscon ZA, South Africa

“I have just been promoted. Your coaching made a big difference and helped me to get this position. I have been working on being more assertive and speaking up during meetings. Thanks a lot.”

– Senior Manager of a Major Iron and Steel Manufacturing company

“Earlier I was scared of speaking in public. I never used to volunteer for any presentation. After the coaching, I gave a speech to a large audience in a business school. It was very well received and I feel much more confident now. The inputs you gave really helped me.”

– Head of Human Resources, Realty Division of Large Conglomerate

“I used to find it difficult to delegate work to my subordinates. I believed that they were not capable of the doing the work and could not give me the quality I wanted. Through the coaching I realized that my own fear of failure and perfectionist approach was limiting my ability to grow in the organization. It was also preventing my team members from learning and taking independent decisions. I started taking small steps like not following up every day, asking them questions when they came to me instead of giving them the answers and trusting them with certain important decisions. This has helped me to get more time for strategic work and also improved relations between me and my team.”

– Head of Factory Operations-Pharmaceutical company